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The finest online library of Indian central & state government statutes & regulations   

Get authentic information on amendments and clarifications to foreign trade policy, industrial policy, FEMA regulations, customs duty, central excise duty, anti-dumping laws, banking & non-banking regulations, income tax rules, company law, service tax, value added tax (VAT), environment rules, textile rules etc. of the government of India.  

      • Complete text of all Acts, Rules, Bills, Notifications issued by various ministries and departments of the Central & State government of India .  
      • Versions/Amendments are indicated by a dot above the document title and you can compare any two versions using our proprietary comparison tool to see how the legislative law has evolved over time. 
      • Rescinded, Repealed and Superseded provisions/documents are indicated right in the face of the document so that you take informed decisions. 
      • iCite - Citing References - It is a list of all the documents which cites the document your are viewing. 
      • Related Documents - It is a list of all the documents which are referred in the document you are viewing.
      • Request a Gazette of any document and within hours a PDF copy of the original gazette of the document will be sent to you through email. 
      • No Modules. One Subscription - We give access to the complete library of updated acts, rules & notifications with just one subscription.   

    • Folders 

      Folders help you manage your research by allowing you to store your documents and snippets of text in folders organized by issue, client or topic. Create unlimited folders and sub-folders to manage your research effectively.

    • Bookmark, Highlight & Notes

      Easily highlight and annotate documents to capture essential ideas while adding your own. Bookmark documents, highlight snippets of text and attach your notes to them for future reference. It can be your favorite documents, content you would like to read through later or write down your thoughts and analysis while reading  All your bookmarks, highlights and notes are organized systematically and can be viewed with easy filters.  

    • Browse and Search History

      We keep a track of all the documents you viewed with time stamps and the searches made for the past 1 year so that you can easily retrace your steps in the past research. You can start your research from where you stopped, hassle free. 

    • Visual Indicators 

      Visual indicators help you keep track of work you have already done. 
      • Eyeglasses indicate that you have viewed this document in the past 30 days. 
      • A sticky note indicates you have annotated a document. 
      • A File folder indicates you have saved a document to a folder. 

    • Print a document or Share any document with your colleague.

    *As Info-One is still in Beta, there may be documents which are still under process. However, you may send a request and the document will be sent to you within hours through email.


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